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What We Do

Roadmap Talent helps emerging technology professionals build experience in their areas of interest by placing them in projects for exciting organizations.

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Gain Relevant Experience

Develop your skill set in your area of interest by working on a real-world project.

Build Professional Relationships

Establish rapport with the people you work on projects with and grow your network.

Make a Real Impact

Be part of fulfilling a real-world need.

Establish Your Credibility

Show off the experience you have gained through a project that is backed by an organization.

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Areas of Focus

Roadmap Talent helps you cultivate your digital career by providing access to projects for technology companies & organizations that emphasize the usage of technology in their operations. Typical fields of work include:
  • Software Engineering
  • Product Management
  • UI/UX Design
  • Cybersecurity
  • Digital Marketing
  • Data Science
  • Strategy, Research, Operations

How It Works

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1. Sign up

Sign up to receive emails featuring Roadmap Talent-organized experience-building opportunities, career development tips, and a curation of internships and freelance opportunities from around the web.

2. Get matched with a project

Start applying!

If you applied to an opportunity provided by a 'Roadmap Talent Partner', you will be notified if accepted.

3. Complete the project

Work on the project through to completion.

4. Get feedback and advice

Obtain feedback, tips, and advice on the project and your career development going forward.

5. Show off your experience

Obtain a reference from the organization you worked for. Display your experience in your resume/CV and online professional profiles.


General Questions

Emerging talent has always faced a predicament: They don’t have enough experience to get their desired job, but can’t get a job to acquire the experience.

Roadmap Talent was established based on the observation that people can greatly increase the chances of achieving their career objectives by having access to opportunities to prove themselves. Sometimes all people need is a project backed by an organization to build credibility, connections, and a track record.

Roadmap Talent is a free service that introduces emerging talent to organizations who need help with real-world projects. This gives individuals the opportunity to learn from the project, develop rapport with people at organizations, and establish a track-record of work experience in their areas of interest.

Roadmap Talent focuses on cultivating digital careers, providing access to projects in the following areas: Software Engineering, Product Management, UI/UX Design, Digital Marketing, and Cybersecurity, as well as related Strategy, Research, Operations, and Data Science.

In addition to finding projects organized by Roadmap Talent in partnership with other organizations, by signing up you will also receive career development tips and a curation of internships and freelance opportunities from around the web.

In addition to helping people early in their careers seeking internships, we also help people who are more advanced in their careers but wish to enhance their experience in specific areas beyond their usual professional scope.

Roadmap Talent partners with a variety or organizations including established companies as well as early stage startups. The main focus of Roadmap Talent is not to provide access to financially lucrative projects but to help people build up experience while adding value to an organization. Projects may be paid or unpaid. That said, we do encourage the organizations we partner with to pay if they are in a position to do so.

No. There is currently no cost to either the individuals seeking experience or the organizations seeking personnel for their projects.

In these corona-times most of it is. There will likely be more of a mix of on-site and remote opportunities once the public health situation improves.

We may make introductions to such opportunities, but we will not be involved in any regulatory or other such issues involved (e.g. work permits, taxes, etc.). These are issues that the talent and organizations will have to work out separately with each other.

It varies greatly depending on the project, typically between two weeks to three months.


Roadmap Talent provides its introductory service to people seeking credibility, connections, and a solid track record of experience. The references and feedback you receive from the organizations you are working for will be based on your performance. To make the most of the relationship with an organization, individuals should aim to complete projects as best they can and in a timely manner.

No. The organization providing the opportunity will be selecting from a pool of applicants.


Roadmap Talent provides access to cost-effective talent for the completion of your organization’s short term projects. For organizations with longer term talent strategies, it also offers a way to build your talent pipeline and to become acquainted with candidates for long-term positions before deciding to hire them full-time.

Additionally, organizations can be involved solely for the sake of contributing to a cause that produces a positive impact on society. By giving people opportunities to develop experience, you enhance their chances of attaining their career goals.

If you want talent sources by Roadmap Talent to work on a project with certain sensitivities, it is important for you to use your organization’s systems to ensure your organization is protected. This may require you to ask the person you hire for a project to sign your non-disclosure agreements, etc.

Many of the candidates may already have the skills you require to complete your project, but simply have not yet had the opportunity to prove their strengths in those skills for an organization. While their work experience may be limited, they are screened for suitability for your project based on their own projects, coursework, and other related experience.

Regardless of whether your organization pays or not, we ask that you structure a mutually beneficial relationship. Elements of such a relationship may include providing a good learning experience throughout the duration of the project, being willing to offer useful feedback, being willing to write a good reference for high-quality work, etc.

Paying people often enforces the sense that there is value in the work that they do. (Of course, ‘value’ does not necessarily have to be measured only on financial terms, but for many people it certainly plays a part.) Paying people also enforces the obligation for people to do well in their assignments because there is a very clear transaction that is occurring. We appreciate that some organizations are not at a high level of maturity or have budgetary constraints for non-standard hiring. If your organization is not in a position to pay much or at all, you are at least encouraged to emphasize a mutually beneficial relationship.

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